The FWD North Pole Marathon 2019: The Who’s Who of the World’s Coolest Marathon (Part II)

THE FWD North Pole Marathon, which takes place on 9th April 2019, will feature athletes from the world over in an extraordinary Arctic adventure.

Powered by FWD insurance for the third year running, the world’s coolest marathon is designed to push participants to their limits where they can break their own barriers and overcome their fears.

However, in their pursuit of pushing their own boundaries, many of the runners involved in the marathon are also aiming to run for a worthy cause.

Misaki Izuoka – FWD North Pole Marathon

From Run For The Cure for Breast Cancer awareness to the Special Olympics to the Hong Chi Association, these runners will associate their FWD North Pole Marathon run with the organisations that are working tirelessly to support those who are in need.

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Alongside the FWD Insurance employees like Rob Schimek and Joyette Jopson, the THE FWD North Pole Marathon will also feature personalities from Japan and Hong Kong, echoing the strong pan-Asian presence of the company.

Misaki Izuoka, a Japanese model and social media influencer, is taking part in her second FWD North Pole Marathon this year.

She completed the half-marathon last year and she is now looking to push her limits to try and see through the entire distance in an effort to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for breast cancer.

Hideake Oono, FWD’s 44 year old Regulatory Relations Manager, will participate in the North Pole Marathon to honour his late father-in-law’s zeal for marathons.

In addition to his personal reasons, his participation will also contribute towards the Run For The Cure for Breast Cancer awareness.

Japanese Social Media Influencer Joe Vlog is someone who loves to challenge the extremes.

However, a broken leg sustained in Feb 2019 dealt a severe blow to his chances of competing at the event.

With immense determination and grit, Joe Vlog has been charting a course for recovery – one that he hopes would lead straight to the FWD North Pole Marathon in April 2019.

A passionate, full-time marathon runner from Hong Kong, Hard Tsui has received a lot of support from his family and friends after quitting his full time job to chase his dreams.

He now aims to break the North Pole Marathon record which currently stands at 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Hong Kong showbiz stars Annie and Andy cap off the list of popular personalities that will be participating in the FWD North Pole Marathon.

Like most of the other well-known participants, the duo will aim to raise funds for worthy causes, namely the Special Olympics and Hong Chi Association.

These runners have taken it upon themselves to showcase to the world that determination can help you chase the remotest of dreams and still walk out victorious.

Aligning forces with FWD Insurance – both in name and ethos – these remarkable men and women will attempt to conquer the Arctic as they participate in the FWD North Pole Marathon in order to prove that barriers are meant to be broken and fears are meant to be overcome.

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