Funeral for a foe: Birmingham fans aren’t letting up

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Football rivalries in England can run pretty deep. Just ask Birmingham City fans, who are still rubbing salt in the wounds of relegated Aston Villa and its supporters.

The two clubs, both situated in Birmingham, have a bitter rivalry stretching back over a hundred years, and while Aston Villa have traditionally enjoyed the better fortunes, Birmingham City fans are taking full opportunity to gloat at Villa’s recent troubles.

The Lions were officially relegated from the Premier League after their 1-0 loss to Manchester United on Saturday, and City fans have been letting them know about it ever since.

A video of Birmingham supporters celebrating the news of Villa’s relegation had already spread on social media, and now the fans have taken it one step further by arriving for their away game against Huddersfield holding a coffin decorated in Aston Villa team colours.

This was no somber occasion, however. Watch as the fans sing ‘We’re going down’, imitating the Villa faithful at their own funeral, while even the police officers nearby can’t help but crack a smile: