Mourinho: Pogba not the only option

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is adamant the club will not be held to ransom by Juventus over the potential transfer of midfielder Paul Pogba.

Pogba’s purported move back to United for what would most likely be a record fee after leaving the club for free just four years ago has been the story of the transfer window so far.

Sky Sports Italia reported that the Red Devils had a bid in the region of £85million rejected earlier this week with Juventus demanding northwards of £100million.

“It is the power of Man United but it is also the power of football because in this moment the market is going in such a direction where I never know what is expensive, I never know what is cheap,” he told Sky Sports News HQ.

“Because what one season is very expensive, the next season is very cheap, so the market is going in that direction.

“We are in a comfortable position but we know what it is wrong and what is right. We know what the balance is and, I repeat, we are not going to be only focusing on one player.

“We are not going to be in the hands of one club that may sell and maybe doesn’t sell. We need a fourth player with a certain profile and we’re going to get it.

“Everybody speaks about one, but it wouldn’t be a surprise for me if it is not him and it is another one because we went for profile.

“We have two more options in front of us and we are going to close one,” he concluded.

Whether United genuinely are looking at other players or Mourinho is just trying to take a bit of attention away from the Pogba deal, his revelation that they are keeping an eye on several central midfielders is sure to create a fresh wave of speculation in the coming days.