A Naples restaurant has promised €1 pizzas when Gonzalo Higuain suffers first injury at Juventus

There’s petty, and then there’s what a whole lot of Napoli fans feel towards Gonzalo Higuain.

Since Higuain left for Serie A rivals Juventus for an Italian record transfer fee of €90 million, Napoli fans have expressed their bitterness in every way imaginable.

Higuain jerseys covering trashcans throughout the city?


Jerseys on fire?

Of course.

Higuain bobbleheads flushed down Juventus-themed toilets?

We’re 3-for-3 folks.

This might take the cake, though:

Basing a promotion on a player suffering an injury and then profiting from that injury is about as tasteless and petty as it gets. But it’s also kind of hilarious.

Besides, it’s not like we should feel even remotely bad for Higuain. All that haterade is going to taste amazing in May when Juventus inevitably walk to their sixth straight Scudetto.

Mmmm, haterade and pizza.