Walter Zenga gave the most preposterous reason for taking charge of Wolves

Fomer Inter Milan and Italy goalkeeper Walter Zenga took over as Wolverhampton manager this weekend, just one week before the start of the new Championship season. Given that this is now Zenga’s 16th different job in the last 18 years, that doesn’t look like the most inspirational choice for Wolves, but at least Zenga is saying all the right things.

Or really, really outrageously dumb things. It’s one of the two.

In his introductory press conference, Zenga said he decided to take the Wolverhampton job because: “Why not? Wolves are the biggest team for us in Italy.”

Sorry, what?

“This club all the time is in our mind,” Zenga went on. “Even though the club play only one time against an Italian club, it is a very, very important club.”

That’s right, folks. When Italians think of English football, it’s not Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool, or even the nouveau-rich Chelsea or Manchester City who come to mind first. It’s Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Never mind that Wolves have spent just four of the last 32 seasons in the English top flight. Don’t worry about the fact no single Italian has ever been at the club before. If Zenga says so, it must be true.

Look, it’s totally understandable to want to coddle your new employers and sweet-talk the fan base as much as possible. Being liked is kind of important. But so is not being a total buffoon, and that’s exactly what Zenga looks like for claiming WOLVERHAMPTON are Italy’s favorite English team.

That’s almost as wild as 16 coaching jobs in 18 years.