Bundesliga on alert after terror threat

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The Bundesliga is on alert after a terror threat was made against the league by a suspect said to be a high-ranking member of ISIS.
The German news agency, DPA, report that an unidentified man was detained by police after a tip from a prison inmate in the western city of Gelsenkirchen.
The man was reportedly arrested in connection with alleged terror threats made against the Bundesliga.
The unnamed suspect was detained by Germany's special task force, SEC.
German government officials from Rhineland-Palatinate confirmed a terror arrest had been made, but refused to say whether the suspect was a member of ISIS.
An unnamed source told Bild: "There were indications something was planned (for the start of the Bundesliga season)."
However, further details of these plans were not disclosed to the media.
Germany's football season is set to kick off on 26 August, and the Bundesliga is said to be on red alert after the news came to light.
The country is already currently on high alert following a series of terror attacks in recent times.