Heynckes: Football has gone off the rails

Highlights – FC Schalke 04 vs FC Bayern München

Former FC Bayern München coach Jupp Heynckes has added his voice to a growing list of managers and pundits who have expressed their concerns over the massive surge in spending in football.

Teams in the English Premier League spent a combined total of over £1 billion in the recently concluded transfer window, with Manchester United in particular, breaking the world transfer record when they signed Paul Pogba from Juventus in a £89.3 million deal.

However, the Red Devils weren't the only club to spend heavily, with almost all of the league's 20 teams dipping into transfer coffers boosted by the new lucrative TV rights deal.

The flurry of transfer activity in England has had a knock-on effect on other European teams, while it has permanently altered the complexion of the transfer market.

Heynckes is one such former coach who is concerned by the sudden rise in transfer fees and spending, telling Die Welt: "Just look at this inflamed transfer window. Football has gone off the rails.

"It's lost its spirit. Football is business. It's all about being quick, quick, quick – nobody has any patience nowadays.

"But then again, that is how things are in normal life, away from football.

"If for any reason at all, there is no return, then there is an immediate reaction. It's shocking."