Diaby speaks out on injury troubles

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France midfielder Abou Diaby has finally spoken out about his injury-ravaged career and what he feels was the beginning of his troubles in the Premier League.

Diaby has started Marseille's first two league games this season after just three appearances in his first season with the club, having joined on a free transfer from Arsenal last year.

The lanky midfielder, who was once hailed as the next 'Patrick Vieira', says it's been hard coming to terms of how his career has progressed after just two appearances in his last two seasons with the Gunners.

His first ever serious injury, which came ten years ago after a reckless challenge from Sunderland's Dan Smith, saw him suffer a fractured and dislocated ankle, effectively changing the course of his career.

"It is the moment that killed everything," he told the Daily Mail. "That's where it all came from. It gave me a big restriction on my ankle and I overcompensated with other parts of my body. 

"Before that, I'd never had a muscular injury, my lifestyle was good."

An injury-ravaged spell continued after that day with a reported 42 different injuries during his stay at the club, but Diaby insists he no longer feels any anger or resentment.

"There is no resentment anymore. I left it behind a long time ago. The only thing I wish is that it happened later in my career.

"If it happened when I was 28, things might have been different. Between 19 and 27, I would have had time to progress, play every week and be the player I should have been.

"They say I'm 'L'Homme de Verre.' It means that I'm made of glass. It can be painful, on a psychological level," he added. "They don't know how much I give every day of my life to try and recover. But hey, what can I do? This is my life story."