Smalling relishing Bailly partnership

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Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has praised the physicality of his new defensive partner, Eric Bailly, and likened him to club hero Nemanja Vidic.

Smalling has said that he is establishing a rapport with the Ivory Coast international despite having to overcome a language barrier.

"The more games we play together, the more we're getting used to one another," Smalling said in an interview on MUTV.

"As defenders we need to be vocal and he's getting a lot stronger at that, with his English really improving.

"We've got certain calls and certain words which he, and any foreign player that comes in, can understand, no matter if his English is advanced or not.

"It's about developing that, and the more games we get together I think we'll get stronger and stronger."

The England centre-back added that he was enjoying playing alongside the physical presence of Bailly.

"He's very physically imposing as well and really easy to play alongside," Smalling revealed.

"Nemanja was one of those defenders who was very aggressive, very dominant and took no nonsense.

"Eric plays the same way. He can go through a tackle and he doesn't take risks. If it needs to go, it goes! You can see the similarities there and I expect Eric to have many good years here."