Feyenoord open to Atlantic league

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A spokesperson for Feyenoord has confirmed the Eredivisie club have been involved in talks about their possible involvement in an Atlantic league.

With the Champions League's proposed new ruled giving an extra automatic qualifying place to teams from England, Spain, Italy and Germany, the fear is that clubs from the so-called "smaller" leagues will suffer as a result.

Teams from Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Sweden and Norway are all reportedly being considered, FC Copenhagen CEO Anders Horsholt told Danish newspaper BT, with Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV making up a trio of Dutch teams that attended the talks.

He said: "Yes it’s true. If we do not act now, we will see the biggest clubs grow larger and stronger while it will be increasingly difficult for clubs like us.

"We must therefore look at which alternative international opportunities for FC Copenhagen in the future.

"Here it is still too early to talk about specific models, but the discussion of leagues across European borders is a theme that we look at and actively participate in."

In February, Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell was also reported to be in favour of establishing a league amid concerns about the proposed changes.

The Feyenoord spokesperson, meanwhile, told AD: "We sit at the table. That says nothing about the feasibility of our participation. We want to know what is happening and see if it might be something for Feyenoord."