Angry Bird: Check out Brazil’s new mascot

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Brazil’s national football team have adopted a new mascot, and while we can see what they were thinking, they may have gone a bit too far.

Brazil have long been known as the Canarinhos – Portuguese for Canaries – in honour of their iconic yellow kit, and so it makes sense to have a mascot that reinforces the theme.

Of course, you wouldn’t want it to look like a friendly bird welcoming the opposition – something like Tweety from the Looney Tunes, though, would you?


It has to be a canary that means business.

Which is how you end up with this:

That’s the angriest looking bird we’ve ever seen. We hope the kids in the above video didn’t end up having nightmares that night.

Come on, Brazil. You’ve never won games by being the meanest team around, but by being the most flamboyant and exciting. Maybe your mascot needs a rethink.