Mourinho’s actions “could have endangered” others

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The Football Association has explained why Jose Mourinho was slapped with a one-match ban for kicking a bottle of water recently.

The Manchester United boss received the ban following his side’s Premier League game again West Ham at Old Trafford on November 27.

Mourinho kicked a bottle of water in anger and, according to a three-man commission, he had “aggressively kicked the bottle in a manner that could have endangered people around him regardless of the motivation to do so.”

The match’s fourth official, Anthony Taylor, also claimed the United manager had “aggressively kicked a water bottle… so recklessly and with little consideration of the consequences.”

While a review of the footage concluded the incident was at the “lower end” of improper conduct, they nevertheless decided on a one-match ban, taking into account his previous disciplinary record and his number of past offences.

Mourinho admitted his conduct was improper, for which the panel commended him.

“Mr Mourinho ought to be credited for his admission to the charge, his non-confrontational actions when engaging with the officials subsequent to him kicking the bottle and his apology, which the commission accepted as being sincere.”

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