Is Barack Obama Darmstadt’s biggest celebrity fan?

Former President of the United States Barack Obama may not be leading the free world anymore after leaving office, but it seems he’s now taken on a different role: he’s Darmstadt’s biggest celebrity fan.

Amongst the approximately 631,000 users Obama’s official Twitter account follows, German club SV Darmstadt is curiously one of them. It’s the only European soccer team amongst his follows, and it begs the question… why? No disrespect to Darmstadt, but… why? Darmstadt don’t care though, and they’ve moved with admirable speed to issue an invite to the former Prez, conveniently using USMNT striker Terrence Boyd as their mouthpiece.

Big ups to Darmstadt for rolling with it and reaching out to Obama. If they can get him in the stadium it’ll be huge press for the little German side, but just having Obama as a pseudo-fan is cool enough. Maybe it’s time to get a Darmstadt jersey with “Obama” on the back. Too soon?