Dyche: ‘Gingerists’ mean I’m not linked to top jobs

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Burnley manager Sean Dyche, playfully dubbed “The Ginger Mourinho,” joked the reason he’s not attached to bigger jobs when vacancies arise comes down to his appearance.

“It’s gingerist, isn’t it?” Dyche quipped on BBC Radio. “We’re oppressed, I think.”

After firing off a few more ginger jokes, Dyche offered a more reasonable explanation. He thinks the lack of interest might be influenced by his understated reputation. “I don’t think I’ve ever been a fashion item. I don’t think I was as a player. I was a player who got the job done, and I think I’m kind of maybe thought of like that as a manager.”

Having been with Burnley since 2012, he’s guided the Clarets to the Premier League twice. Of course, the caveat there is that he oversaw their swift relegation in the 2014/15 season before their return a season later. Still, he’s regarded as a pretty decent manager given the meager resources at his disposal with Burnley.

Will he eventually be coaching the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal? Probably not. But there’s certainly reason to believe he could be managing higher stakes. That is, assuming the world isn’t full of ginger-haters.