EFL introduces yellow, red cards for managers

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Managers and coaches will be issued with red and yellow cards for misconduct, according to new EFL rules brought in this season.

Chief executive Shaun Harvey said the new initiative, which will apply to the English Football League, the EFL Cup, trophy and FA Cup, is intended to improve touchline behaviour.

Managers will be issued a yellow card for dissent, with a second card leading to a red card. Straight reds may be awarded in the case of serious abuse towards match officials, rival coaches and players.

Cards will also be issued for actions including kicking or throwing water bottles, sarcastic clapping and the waving of imaginary cards.

Bookings will accumulate and lead to staggered suspensions. Four yellow cards will result in a one-match ban, 12 will mean a three-match ban, while 16 will bring about a misconduct charge.

Previously, match officials only had the power to warn officials before sending them to the stands for more serious incidents.

“This isn’t about creating drama – this is about creating clarity, so everybody inside the stadium knows what is happening,” said Harvey. “You will be seeing it in the EFL as a first and it will be an interesting experience to see how it works.”

The Premier League will not be involved in the scheme. EPL managers and coaches will continue to receive verbal warnings for any misbehaviour.