5 Lionel Messi records that Cristiano Ronaldo will never break

‘Difficult to beat Real Sociedad after Man Utd match’ – Valverde

Lionel Messi has more records to his name than there are grains of sand on the beach. The Argentine phenomenon is a record-breaking machine and has set the standards so high that even the great Cristiano Ronaldo can’t break some of his records.

So, here are five such records set by Messi that not even Ronaldo can break.

5. Four Ballon d’Ors in a row

Ronaldo is currently on a two-year winning streak in the Ballon d’Or. Having won the award last year and the year before, he needs to win the award this and the next year in order to match Messi’s record.

And to break it? He needs to win it in 2020 as well. So, in short, Ronaldo will have to win the award three more times in a row to break Messi’s record, which, in his 30s, is quite impossible.

4. The race of age

This is an aspect where Ronaldo has lost already. There is no way the Portuguese could break these feats unless he has a time machine.

Messi is the youngest player to win two, three, four and five Ballon d’Ors. Messi was 23, 24, 25 and 28 at the time and Ronaldo can never break that as he is already past that age.

3. 60 plus goals in consecutive seasons 

Ronaldo is a scoring machine. Inside the box, there is perhaps no one better than the Portuguese. However, when Messi gives it his all inside the box, perhaps even Ronaldo falls pale to the behemoth that the Argentine is.

Messi scored 73 and 60 goals in 2011-12 and 2012-13 season with Barcelona. He is the only player to score 60 or more in two consecutive seasons and Ronaldo, as good as he is, can’t do that anymore.

2. 26 free kick goals

Since Ronaldo has already left La Liga, this is another record that the Argentine won’t have to worry about being broken by the Portugal captain. Messi has scored 26 goals from free kicks in La Liga and there is perhaps no one to match that feat.

While Ronaldo is not in La Liga anymore, he might not have broken this record even if he was as his free kick abilities have waned over the last few years.

1. 91 goals in a calendar year

In 2012, the Argentine scored 91 goals in that calendar year for both Argentina and Barcelona combined. 91 goals is just nine short of 100 and that is simply insane.

The closest Ronaldo came to the tally was in 2013 when he scored 69 goals in that calendar year – and that is quite far from Messi’s total. And at 33, it doesn’t feel like he ever can.

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