Fans hire stripper to distract opposition during Dutch league third-division match

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It is widely known that football fans can go through extreme measures in order to display their loyalty for the club. That is exactly what happened when the supporters of Dutch third-division club Rijnsburgse Boys football club hired a stripper to run onto the field during the match. 

Streakers are not an uncommon sight in football. Every once in a while, a person would strip off their clothes and run onto the pitch to make a complete nuisance out of themselves. However, it is rare, that these streakers would be hired by a fanbase, just to distract the other team.

That’s what happened when Rijnsburgse Boys welcomed league leaders AFC in a Dutch third-division encounter.

The person in question, who you can view above, ran onto the pitch right as the away side was about to take a freekick. She ran across the pitch, distracting several players, who themselves looked quite stunned.

The stripper, who goes by the name ‘Foxy’ spoke to the local media later, stating her pitch incursion as a ‘welcome change’.

“After my run [on the pitch], I continued onto my next job. I usually do strip shows, but this was a welcome change. I would definitely do it again,” she said.

Hiring the stripper wasn’t the only distraction tactic employed by the home side, who also threw pieces of white paper on the field. Unfortunately, all the effort put into this came to nothing, as AFC beat Rijnsburgse Boys, 6-2.