Political tension spills on the pitch between UAE and Qatar in AFC U19

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Political tension between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar seems to spill onto the football pitch as the Emirati team captain Omar Ahmad refused to have the mandatory handshake and photograph taken with his Qatari counterpart, Nasser Abdulsalam.

The footage was clearly captured in video clip and was shared in a tweet.

Some comments were critical of the UAE captain saying that politics should not be brought onto a football match such as the one below.

What could have been a match that ushered the beginning of the opening of the AFC Under 19 Championship where the focus should be on the upcoming stars of the game in the Asian region, the focus once again targeted on some of the political tensions present in the Middle East.

It is to note that the relations between the two countries are currently strained due to a diplomatic crisis which began around June 2017 when UAE along with other Gulf nations accused Qatar of supporting terrorism activities.