PFF introduces MyPFF for an interconnected PH football community

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The Philippine Football Federation continues to introduce new developments in Philippine football, this time off the pitch as they launch the go-live of MyPFF Football Registration program that aims not only to create an interconnected football ecosystem of stakeholders in the country, but more importantly help in improving the footballing setup and integration of different tournaments under the PFF umbrella.

The press conference, spearheaded by PFF General Secretary Atty. Edwin B. Gastanes  with MMC Sportz Marketing LLC CEO Eric Gottschalk and RSportz Operations Office Representative Adam Griffiths, introduced to the attending media the setup of this particular program and its features and other capabilities both current and in-pipeline that will benefit the sport of football in the country.

First that was discussed was its main function as a database of all active players in the country starting from the grassroots level up until the elite/professional level and the coaches, referees and officials as well.

Come its launch on July 3, the PFF will start to make the registration of the players, coaches, referees and officials affiliated to clubs and associations recognized by the federation be a mandatory practice as a way for PFF to connect to the community and vice versa.

Second, the program with its tournament scheduling capability can serve as a database of all PFF sanctioned tournaments from grassroots to professional and aid in proper tournament scheduling and disseminate updates on results and other essential information regarding tournaments.

And third, it can also serve as a database for fans, this time in an optional/voluntary setup. For this particular feature, fans registered in the system could benefit in getting first hand information on match-days of the national team or the club/s that they support and the tournaments they follow, events information and, most importantly, a possibility of being offered discounts on price tickets that would prove to be beneficial indeed for fans who will register in this program.

Registration in MyPFF will be possible by accessing the PFF website as the program will be integrated and embedded on-site where the stakeholder will register his/her information by filling up the virtual form and submitting it to the database with genuine copies of pertinent government-issued documents (e.g. passport and birth ceritificate). Once the required information have been provided, the stakeholder will pay the required fee via Dragonpay either through cash or credit card mode of payments and will then be issued a MyPFF card to complete the process.

The fee have different price-points depending on the type of stakeholder, from Php 100.00 for grassroots up to Php 2000.00 for professional. For the fans meanwhile, the fee will only be Php150.00

Joining the demonstration were Ateneo de Manila and Philippine Men’s Under-22 promising forward Javier “Jarvey” Gayoso and Philippine Men’s National Team Coach Thomas Dooley who were also presented with the MyPFF membership cards.

UAAP & Philippine Men’s U-22 Sensation, Jarvey Gayoso to receive his MyPFF card.


Coach Thomas Dooley addresses the MyPFF launch attendees.


After the demonstration, further questions were raised by the media ranging from information security aspect up until the system’s potential to create an interconnected tournament format (e.g. National Cup) and helping to implement the pyramidal/tiered league format in the future which were duly answered by the panel headed by Atty. Gastanes.

This latest offering by the PFF with the initiative to further interconnect all football stakeholders and practitioners all over the country proves the intent of the federation to finally connect to the community and the people who follow the beautiful game and contribute to its growth in this country.

MyPFF will be launched in full-blast on July 3 and will be accessed via the MyPFF link embedded in the PFF website.

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