AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Laos 0-3 Vietnam, Player Ratings

2018 AFF Suzuki Cup: BEST XI

Matchday 1 in Group A of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 has come to a conclusion with Vietnam showing that they are legitimate contenders after a comprehensive 3-0 win over hosts Laos.

Here are the player ratings from the match:


Saymanolinh Praseuth – 4

A busy keeper for the night. He made some key saves for his team but at the same time, lacked the anticipation to rush to the ball on occasions that could further thwart the opponents’ attacking plays.

Aphixay Thanakhanty – 3.5

Same as his co-defenders, Vietnam were able to exploit the gaps and also were prone to miscommunication.

Kaham Phetsivilay – 3

At fault on one dangerous play when a miscommunication with his keeper almost costed his team a goal.

Thotnilath Sibounhuang (C) – 3.5

Could have done better to inspire his team as a captain, especially at the back which was error prone.

Lathasay Lounlasy – 3.5

Several plays along with the backline led to the two first half goals

Sounevilay Sihavong – 3

Along with the rest of the defensive line, there were a few instances when the defence went clearly exposed due to some mixups.

Bounphachan Bounkong – 4

A lacklustre start couldn’t be helped by a much better second half performance.

Chantaphone Waenvongsoth 4

like the rest of the midfield, lacked enough grit and fight to bring the match to Vietnam. A glimpse of what can be done happened early in the second half.

Phouthane Innalay – 4.5

Called Ngoc Hay into action off a dangerous free-kick, but that’s mainly it.

Phithack Kongmathilath – 4

Wasn’t able to really disrupt the play of Vietnam in the midfield.

Soukchinda Natphasouk – 4

Didn’t have enough service from his midfielders to really make an impact for the team up front.

Vanna Bounlovongsa – 4

His introduction changed things a bit for the better but the damage has been done.

Somxay Keohanam – N/A
Not enough time to evaluate

Tiny Bounmalay – N/A
Not enough time to evaluate


Dang Van Lam – 6

Kept a clean sheet and made some key saves. But overall was not bothered much by the opposition

Que Ngoc Hai – 6
May have ended with giving his keeper a clean sheet but was exposed in some spell in the second half.

Doan Van Hau – 6

Subbed out in early the match that may have affected the chemistry at the back that gave a slight ray of hope for Laos

Do Duy Manh – 6

Provided an overall okay performance, but a second half dip in performance provided the opposition a belief to throw some threatening opportunities.

Dinh Trong Tran – 6

A spell of a dip in performance provided chances for the opposing squad to come up with some good plays in the second half.

Luong Xuan Truong – 7
A decent performance overall from the middle of the park along with his stellar teammates.

Nguyen Trong Hoang – 7

Assured as well in the middle of the park helping churn out a lopsided statistic interms of possession.

Nguyen Van Quyet – 7

A routine performance from the middle of the park. Assured in facilitating plays and providing the threats from the flank.

Nguyen Cong Phuong – 7.5

His predatory strike broke the deadlock in favour of his team.

Nguyen Quang Hai – 7

Produced an unstoppable free-kick to provide the the third goal.

Nguyen Anh Duc – 7.5

Scored a goal and an assist.


Van Duc Phan – 4

His introduction may have unsettled the team a bit. But was able to recover in the end to regain the upper-hand of the proceedings for his squad.

Do Hung Dung – 5

contributed to provide the much needed assurance right when the opposition were starting to mount on a momentum.

Nguyen Tien Linh – 5

Did decent in the remaining time given to him.