AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Indonesia 3-1 Timor-Leste, Player Ratings

2018 AFF Suzuki Cup: BEST XI

Indonesia looked to get their AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 campaign back on track as they took on tournament minnows Timor-Leste at home. But as it turned out, Indonesia received an almighty scare from the qualifiers and had to toil to pick up a 3-1 victory in the end. Here are the player ratings from the game at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium:


GK- Andritany Ardhiyasa (5/10): Didn’t have to get his gloves too dirty in truth, but couldn’t keep out a shot from Rufino Walter Gama early in the second half when called upon.

DF- Gavin Kwan Adsit (6/10): Playing at right back, Adsit did his job expertly in the first half in defence, but could have pushed forward more. His attacking play improved as the game went on.

DF- Fachruddin Wahyudi Aryanto (7/10): Discipline was good. Remained a rock at the back despite an early second-half goal from Timor. Blocked efforts at crucial times.

DF- Hansamu Yama Pranata (7/10): Supported Aryanto well in central defence. Despite an early shock, kept his head in the game and tackled fairly. Even hit the post from a corner and should have scored.

DF- Alfath Fathier (8/10): Scored the crucial equalizing goal for Indonesia with his right foot. Only blemish was his discipline in the game and a yellow card he picked up in the second half.

MF- Febri Haryadi (4/10): Burst into action too little too late. Was rightly replaced early in the second half.

MF- Andik Vermansah (9/10): Took the game by the scruff of the neck in the second half. Assisted the first goal for Indonesia and won the penalty for the second conversion. Truly brilliant.

MF- Evan Dimas Darmono (6/10): Tried his level best to pull the strings in midfield. Launched a few sweet through balls and even tried shots on goal. Perhaps should have been more clinical.

MF- Muhammad Hargianto (6/10): Was definitely involved in the game from the get-go. Alongside Darmono, probably could have added more of a threat going forward. Did his job just about well in the end.

MF- Septian David Maulana (5/10): Had an initial impact on the game but couldn’t sustain the threat going forward. Was substituted to inject some more creativity and pace into the Indonesian attack.

FW- Beto (8/10): Leading the line all on your own is never easy, and despite having dry spells in the game, Beto popped up to score the third goal for Indonesia with a well-timed header.

SUB- Riko Simanjuntak (8/10): Replaced an ailing Haryadi in the second half and changed the game for the better. Brought some flair to the play and assisted the third goal for his team with a brilliant cross.

SUB- Stefano Lilipaly (8/10): Came on in the 62nd minute to add a threat going forward and his fresh legs made a huge difference. Kept his head in front of goal for the penalty and gave his side the lead at the time.

SUB- Bayu Pradana Andriatmoko (2/10): Hardly had a say in the game. Came on to waste time and give Vermansah a rest.


GK- Fagio Pereira (4/10): Conceded way too many goals in the end. Despite some decent saves, he couldn’t stop a vital shot from Farier for the first goal.

DF- Jose Guterres Silva (5/10): Despite his strongest efforts, the left side of the field was left open at times and exposed for Indonesia to attack. His defensive position was replaced in the 84th minute but to no avail.

DF- Gumario Augusto Moreira (6/10): The unfortunate highlight for Moreira in this game was the penalty he conceded in the second half, despite assisting Timor-Leste’s only goal in the match. A yellow card further degraded his ratings for this match.

DF- Filomeno Junior Da Costa (4/10): Despite a strong start to the game, Da Costa disappeared when needed the most, and could not make an impact of note as the game went on.

DF- Feliciano Goncalves (4/10): Like most Timor players, Goncalves put in a spirited display in the first half, but fell away in the second period. Discipline became a concern too, and he even took a yellow card in the game.

MF- Adelino De Oliveira (5/10): There wasn’t a whole lot of service coming in for Timor-Leste from the right, and De Oliveira perhaps should have made more of an effort going forward in the second half in particular.

MF- Armindo De Almeida (6/10): De Almeida most certainly found himself in the thick of the action, both in his own area as well in the opposition one. He will rue the fact that he couldn’t have a more telling contribution at the other hand though as was expected of him.

MF- Natanial De Jesus Reis (6/10): De Jesus Reis had a couple of smart efforts blocked in the first half, but couldn’t quite get going enough in the second period. He was taken off soon after to give Timor an attacking edge.

MF- Joao Freitas (5/10): Freitas started the game well but found himself having to deal with a barrage of Indonesian attacks in the second half. Keeping up with the pace of the game may have become a concern.

FW- Rufino Walter Gama (8/10): Arguably the best player for Timor-Leste out there, Gama gave the game his all and was rewarded with a goal early in the second half. It was a good finish but that was all he could do considering Indonesia found a route back in the game.

FW- Henrique Wilson Da Cruz Martins (6/10): Showed some serious potential in the first half, but lacked the cutting edge required in front of goal. Was substituted in the second half to introduce something different to the team.

SUB- Edit Savio (5/10): Perhaps came on a little too late to have a significant impact on the match. Timor-Leste needed to be clinical up front, and Savio couldn’t quite come up with the goods.

SUB- Jose Dos Santos Almeida (3/10): Looked out of it despite having fresh legs, and Almeida was unable to provide the spark needed to inspire a Timor-Leste turnaround.

SUB- Candido Monteiro De Oliveira (4/10): Came on very late and hardly impacted the game. Largely on the periphery.