AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Malaysia fans begin the 24-hour journey for semifinal against Thailand

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With Malaysia preparing to face Thailand at Rajamangala National Stadium, the Malaysian traveling fans are also beginning to brace a 24-hour-travel to be able to cheer for the Malayan Tigers.

Both Malaysia and Thailand were unable break the deadlock in the first leg at Bukit Jalil National Stadium so everything is up for grabs as the two meet in the second leg.

As reported, the travel to get to the stadium takes a full day each way but that has not slowed down Malaysian fans.

Through social media, fans are seen lining up to make the trip.

Their spirits are definitely high as they support their country.

If Malaysia can pull of a big win against the defending champions, these fans will surely have no worries with spending another 24 hours on the ride back as the trip will easily be worth it.