LFI and Soca Loca launch Soca Loca mobile app

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Liga Futbol Inc, the governing body of the Philippines Football League and Soca Loca Sdn Bhd, launched the Soca Loca mobile app in a press conference in Ortigas Center.

The event was attended by LFI Chief Executive Officer Lazarus Xavier, PFF General Secretary Edwin Gastanes, Soca Loca Founder Sayf Ismail and Soca Loca Director Lionel Kum Foy.

According to founder Sayf Ismail, the name of the company and the app was derived from the word “soccer” and the Spanish word “loca”, which means crazy, therefore Soca Loca means “soccer crazy”.

Soca Loca Founder

The app’s main objective and function is to serve as a platform for amateur teams to network with each other and organise  grassroots football tournaments and competitions.

Why grassroots football? as per Mr. Ismail, most of the time, the grassroots level is often neglected by football tournament organising bodies in which most of the focus are mainly in the elite level.

Soca Loca aims to fill this usual void created by the neglect as the app provides a means for amateur teams to be able to manage player profiles, match other teams according to competency level, and organise matches and competitions.

The app is free to use and as per Mr. Ismail, the company’s objective for now is for people to use the app and be encouraged more to play football and connect with other players and teams and to create, foster and strengthen the amateur football community, in this case, the Philippine amateur and grassroots football community.

Soca Loca is the Philippine Football League’s official Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) partner, and the application is available for download via the app store and Google Play.

For more information, visit the official website at soca-loca.com