Davao Aguilas punish Ceres to go one-zip in the Copa Paulino Alcantara

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The opening weekend in the Copa Paulino Alcantara saw the league champions brought down by their own defensive errors to which Davao used to their full advantage.

Ceres-Negros FC looked like the champion that they are as they put the pressure on Davao Aguilas early in the first half. Some great chances came their way particularly on the 34th minute. An error in defence saw Patrick Reichelt taking the ball all the way into the box but his shot was deflected out for a corner.

A heroic Patrick Deyto came out on the 35th minute as the corner from Ceres was swung into the box. He made a goal-line save as Blake Powell tried to hit it in before making a double save a minute after. Finally, Deyto was able to pluck the ball in the air as the third corner attempt from Ceres looped above him.

Complacency took its toll for the league champions Ceres as they conceded two goals in the first half through horrendous errors from Martin Steuble and Roland Muller. On the 38th minute, Matthew Hartmann rushed onto a soft back pass to Muller before slotting the ball into the back of the net.

Shortly on the 40th minute, Phil Younghusband put on the pressure to Muller whose pass was deflected towards the path of Younghusband. Phil then took his time before lobbing the ball past Super Herrera to make it two-nil before heading into the dressing room.

Second half saw Ceres looking for chances to put the game on level terms. They capitalised on the first opportunity presented to them courtesy of a handball inside the box from Davao. Powell stepped up to take the spot kick which he drilled towards the bottom left corner freezing Deyto in the process.

From then on, the busmen looked for a way to claw back into the game. On the 56th minute, Reichelt tried to open Powell in the middle but his pass was too much for the forward. Tension rose on the 57th minute when Stephan Schrock and Daniel Gadia got into a little bit of altercation. Referee Clifford Daypuyat was there to halt the tension and gave both players a yellow card.

On the 69th minute, Reichelt tried to provide a lovely cross to Martin Steuble but it was well-covered by Deyto. On the other side of the pitch, Davao tried to put the nail in the coffin as Hartmann tried to go for a one-on-one against Muller but the latter got the better of the ball.

They then put the game to bed on the 76th minute through another defensive breakdown. Joshua Dutosme was pressured by Tahj Minniecon who came on the 68th minute forcing him to give up the ball to the Australian who then slotted the ball past Muller.

Everything then went south for the busmen as Maranon was given his marching orders on the 78th minute. As frustration loomed over the striker, he elbowed Adam Tull in the face making Daypuyat reach for his back pocket to give a red card.

Photo credit: Davao Aguilas Facebook Page

Ceres-Negros: Muller (GK), Aguinaldo, Dutosme, Herrera, Steuble (C), Nazari, Ott (Mulders 46′), Schröck (M.R. Ott 83′), Reichelt, Powell (Dizon 62′), Marañon

Davao Aguilas: Deyto (GK), McDonald, Casambre, Rodrigues, Hall (Clarino 85′), Tull, De Jong, Gadia (Salenga 80′), Hartmann, P. Younghusband (C), De Bruycker (Minniecon 68′)