No love lost: Charlie Beaton on scoring against former club Kaya

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After leaving Kaya FC on the first of August 2017, Charlie Beaton had been a journeyman, proving his worth in every squad he’s signed with. Now with Global Cebu, his past sojourns have been partially vindicated when he scored against his former club in the group stage match of the Copa Paulino Alcantara last September 23, 2018 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila. 

Beaton started out his journey with Kaya back in 2016 when he transferred from former rivals Loyola Meralco Sparks. Since his transfer, he has scored a goal and provided two assists in 10 of his appearances with the club. When a surge of midfielders were brought in by Kaya FC to reinforce the squad, Beaton found himself go down the pecking order.

Beaton then decided it’s time to call it quits as he transferred over to Ilocos United in August 2017. Sadly enough, Ilocos United withdrew from the PFL as he searched for another club. Eventually, an opportunity opened the door for Beaton to go to JPV Marikina on the 18th of January this year.

After six months with the club, Beaton seemed to still not able to find himself get enough playing time which prompted him to to make another move to Global Cebu FC. The 23-year old midfielder found himself still waiting for the precious chance of cracking the lineup for playing time until the arrival of current head coach Dragutin Stevic-Rankovic.

Since his arrival, the Serbian gaffer gave Beaton a chance to showcase his talent, and he did not disappoint. He stood out against Kaya FC where he dominated the left side of the pitch.  “He can still improve. I keep telling him he’s a good lad, he’s working really hard. For me, he’s the man of the match,” said Stevic on his thoughts about Beaton.

He then followed by saying, “It’s a shame because he couldn’t carry on until the end but maybe it is a reflection he didn’t play this much in the season, in Kaya maybe, so now it’s affecting his performance but I’m very pleased on how he played today because he’s starting to get my messages and obviously, I think he can go [to] the next level.”

After firing blanks in his last matches and not even playing, Beaton got himself a reward by scoring the go-ahead goal on the 56th minute of the match. His gaffer took a jab on his celebration against his old club to the laughter of the media. “It was a really good feeling to finally score. It was just really the emotions of our performance, how we conceded and scored again. I have no hard feelings towards Kaya but it felt good to score especially through the hard times that we’ve been going through. It was a good release,” said Beaton regarding the celebration he made after the goal.

It goes to show that hard-work really pays off and Beaton, despite being a journeyman himself, found a club where he could possibly do more at his prime and take on the responsibilities as the main man of the squad.

Photo credit: Philippines Football League