James Younghusband the difference as Aguilas beat Stallion

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James Younghusband’s 39th minute goal proved to be the determining factor as Davao Aguilas get their hard-earned three points away against Stallion Laguna in Binan.

The match began with Davao Aguilas immediately threatening, almost converting off a 2nd minute attempt at goal that just flashed narrowly wide.

The urgency continued after several moments as James Younghusband let’s fly towards Stallion’s goal that just went wide.

Stallion eventually came alive as the quarter of an hour approached with a promising buildup but was snuffed out even before it developed into a real threat.

A few half chances came but nothing really of note as the deadlock went on for several minutes.

Come the 31st minute, a free-kick was awarded from a considerable distance with Phil Younghsband firing straight to the keeper.

The goal finally arrived for the more enterprising visitors as James Younghusband nodded home after some clever utilization of the flanks by Davao.

After the goal, the hosts came alive as they finally started to push to get an equalizer.

Stallion eventually came close near the end of the first half, but Davao goalkeeper Nick O’Donnell was able to thwart the attempt as halftime arrived with the visitors holding a slim advantage.

In the second half, Davao continued to threaten their hosts as they were able to conjure another chance from close range but Stallion keeper, Benito Rosalia, came up big with his sure hands.

The home team came close in the 53rd minute with a golden opportunity, but Carlo Polli squandered the chance big time as his shot sailed over the bar with O’Donnell in a seemingly beatable position.

Six minutes later, a great run by Melliza into the box produced an equally goodlay-off but the shot did not come as Davao were able to poke through for the clearance.

Heading well into the closing stages it was end to end as chances came into play, with the Laguna squad being given opportunities but they were not able to convert.

Aguilas also had their chances but the defense and Benito Rosalia, were able to keep the one goal lead as the game was still very much in the balance.

But finally despite Stallion Laguna’s frantic efforts in search of a leveller, Davao Aguilas eventually held firm to their lone goal as the visiting side got the full three points in the standings.

Top scorer

James Younghusband’s goal is his third for Davao Aguilas in the current 2018 PFL campaign, making him the highest scorer at the moment in the league.


Stallion Laguna: Rosalia, Nierras, Joon, Cordova, Villareal, Ishihara, Alquiros, Polli, Arboleda, Doctora, Melliza

Davao Aguilas: O’Donnell, Matas, Grommen, Villanueva, Rota, Hartmann, De Jong, McDonald, P. Younghusband, J. Younghusband, Guirado