When speaking out the painful truth will get you a sanction

Martin Steuble Ceres Negros

FOX Sports Philippines Digital Ambassador Xy-Zha Cabanlong gives her opinion on Martin Steuble’s comments towards the PFL after the AFC Cup match in Yangon.

I may have missed the game of my favourite PFL team for the AFC Cup because while they were playing, I was at the church, praying but I have seen the highlights. I have seen clips on how intense the game was, on how they almost missed a trip to the final to defend their title. I also have seen interviews – the one by Omid Nazari and that one from the man of the hour, Martin Steuble which are both posted on Instagram.

Out of respect to the player who I think is so bold, brave and daring for speaking up and yeah, to the PFL and LFI, also for the firm I represent, I will refrain from posting the link of the interview here. I won’t add more fuel to the fire as most, if not all Ceres-Negros FC fan like me are already enraged about reading on the news that Steuble will face sanctions for what he said during the post match interview.

First of all – Martin won’t say it if it isn’t true. I guess truth really hurts because LFI was too quick to say they are to post sanctions against the Ceres player for whatever came out of his mouth. A sanction is far too much, why not give him a warning perhaps? Or imposing sanction is the LFI’s way of vengeance to Steuble because they too were caught off guard when he said what he said? I can only ask these questions here. I can only speculate.

I must admit I am not familiar with the rules these players has to follow in order for them to play for the league but again, I would insist on saying that Steuble won’t speak up if it wasn’t true. To be honest, I was physically sick at the time I have read about the sanction issue and it made me even more sick. In fact, I puked the moment I have read the word sanction because come on, even in kindergarten, when kids said something wrong you only get warned for like what, three or four times. You don’t just freaking say “oh, he said something bad against the league so we will impose a sanction on him” because it lacks that thing they call due process. That’s just too petty to punish the player right away for the negative comment. Such butthurt reaction to sanction him right away – it is as synonymous as offending your terror science teacher in high school and you get sent to detention right away without having the chance to explain your side and defend your reasoning.

Warn Martin for being so daring to say those things he said because come on, it’s the first time someone did that, I really think a warning is a fair resolution on this issue.

Call me biased for siding with Martin, I don’t care.

I may not be 100% knowledgeable about football league management but I’m not the only one who believes that the LFI needs to do a lot of work when it comes to rectifying their rules and regulations. Come on you guys, instead of focusing your time and energy on a certain player who performs well in your league and even outside of it, why not focus your asses off on fixing your franchise fee first so that no other team currently playing in the league follows the shadows of FC Meralco Manila. A team folding or might be on the verge of folding might mean another huge blow in the PFL and I think that needs focus more on what Steuble has said. It has more sense of urgency rather than trying to keep a very positive publicity of the league which obviously still has a lot of loopholes.

I say it again, call me biased because I automatically sided with the player from my fave team, I really don’t care. Besides, that’s how you show support for your team as well and yes, I really feel that a sanction is so unfair compared to an oral and written warning.

And I will say it again and again and again, Martin won’t be so daring to speak his mind up in the international stage, if what came out of his mouth is not true.

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