Bedic’s solitary goal seals the deal for Kaya FC-Iloilo

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All it took was a goal from Jovin Bedic for Kaya FC-Iloilo to take all three points against Global-Cebu FC after their heated encounter at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Pasay City.

The first half of the match was action-filled as both sides look to go for the lead. Numerous attempts from Kaya were met bravely by Louis Casas particularly on the eight minute. Miguel Tanton came up for the free kick to curl the ball into the box which met Masanari Omura but was saved by Casas. Though the ball went to Jovin Bedic’s way, Casas was alert to it to make another save before the defense cleared the ball out.

Connor Tacagni tried to break the deadlock on the 26th minute of the match as he broke loose from the defense before firing at the goal. Casas stayed big and saved his initial attempt. Tacagni tried to lob it past the keeper but his shot went way over the bar.

Miguel Tanton then came close on the 28th minute when he tried to curl the ball into the corner of the goal only to find his shot hit the crossbar. On the ther side, Global’s debutant Gilmar tried to loose Ebarle but the defender kept him at bay.

As the first half neared its conclusion, the rain started to pour in, forcing the referee Clifford Daypuyat take an extended break after the first half. Come the start of the second half, a rejuvenated Global side poured their attempts on goal but the defense of Kaya was just dominant.

On the other hand, the introduction of Arnie Pasinabo and Marwin Angeles made waves of changes as they tried to kill the game off. On the 62nd minute, Bedic tried to outfox Casas who went out of the box but his shot goes way past the post.

More and more attempt from Kaya saw Tacagni fouled just outside the box. Tanton took the shot only to find his attempt deflected out by the defense. A bit of a scare for Global though as the ball was just whiskers away from the goal.

Towards the end of the match, Robert Lopez-Mendy was introduced for a much threatening attack from Kaya. Minutes after his introduction, Mendy almost scored a goal from a pass from Angeles but Casas made himself big again for the save. As the minutes die down, Pasinabo left the ball for a sprinting Dean Ebarle for the finish but Casas just plucked the ball from his feet.

Kaya then extinguished an on-fire Casas as Pasinabo lobbed the ball for Bedic who then slotted the ball past the keeper to finish the season in second place. Tanton tried to put the final nail in the coffin as he tried from distance but it was just saved by Casas.

This win marks their third consecutive win over Global before the much anticipated Copa Paulino Alcantara which will start on the 1st of September with Kaya and Global meets each other again.


Photo Credits by: Kaya Futbol Club Official Facebook Page