Sato, Sepsi OSK hit form in another win over Juventus Bucuresti

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Sepsi OSK and Azkal Daisuke Sato continue their good run of form as they get a narrow 2-1 win against Juventus Bucuresti heading into the last three matches of the Romanian Liga 1 Play-out season.

Ionut Ursu’s 52nd minute goal for Sepsi proved to be the decider after Mihai Leca’s 16th minute equaliser cancelled out Istvan Fulop’s 6th minute early strike.

The match started with a surprise goal from Istvan Fulop in just the 6th minute of the first half. Istvan’s strike was an impressive conversion as he latched onto the loose ball and unleashed a strike just inside the edge of the penalty area to give his team an early lead.

However the visitors, Juventus, were able to muster an equally impressive response as centre-back Mihai Leca was able to bury a strike to equalise in just 10 minutes after the initial goal of the hosts.

The surprising early goals would remain though for the rest of the first half as both teams head back to the locker rooms nursing a 1-1 scoreline.

Come the second second half, go-ahead strike would arrive just in the 52nd minute courtesy of Ionut Ursu.

A pretty tense and tight encounter would prove the match to be heading into full time as both teams tried score more, particularly Juventus.

But Sepsi OSK were able to contain the visitors’ attack with success as the home team get its third straight win in the Liga 1 Play-out.

As for Philippine Azkals Daisuke Sato, another 100% hustle performance was witnessed by football fans with his aggressive defending. However, come the 82nd minute, Sato was subbed out and has seemed to be limping off the pitch. It is yet to be confirmed as of this writing if the injury is a major concern or not.

Sepsi OSK will next face Gaz Metan in an away fixture next Thursday, May 24 at 11:30PM.

Photo credit: Sepsi OSK Facebook