Settling the Battle of the Wingers: Mbappe and Neymar

Thomas Tuchel nhắn nhủ tới cổ động viên PSG: ‘Chúng tôi mới là người thất vọng nhất’

Since their arrival at the Parc de Princes, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar provided not only Paris Saint-Germain but also the entire Ligue 1 their brilliance and even dominance that the French giants are experiencing as of the moment. But who’s the real deal between the two of them? Kylian or Neymar?

With both being a prolific scorer and known to provide a lot of goals for PSG, Mbappe and Neymar infused a lot of flair into the Ligue 1 particularly with their dominant performances last season. Neymar averaged 0.95 goals per game as he scored 19 goals in 20 matches played in the league and provided 19 assists last season while Mbappe scored 13 goals in 27 matches played and provided eight assists.

By simply looking at the stats, it seems as though Neymar outclassed Mbappe in terms of scoring and providing goals to his teammates. But that doesn’t keep him away from the younger winger as Mbappe has his own tricks up his sleeves that made him a World Cup winner and possibly, a Ballon d’Or winner in the future.


Both Neymar and Mbappe can leave their opponents in a blink of an eye through their tenacious pace but they have difference in creating spaces for them. Neymar tends to dribble around the defenders while Mbappe uses his pace in getting away from them. Sometimes, simplicity is the key and that’s why Mbappe edges out Neymar on this one.

As seen on the video, Mbappe tends to use a sudden speed shift, something that can be seen in Lionel Messi’s movements wherein at one point he’s going left then suddenly stops, turns, then goes the other way. Such mastery and control is needed in doing these movements and the 19 year-old did not disappoint.

On the other hand, Neymar is actually fast in his own ways but adds a little bit of flair to the way he moves away from the opposition. He tends to use some tricks up his sleeves like nutmegging the opposition or cutting the ball back before sprinting once again.


No doubt Neymar takes this one as he converted 19 goals in his 20 league appearance for the French giants. Not only his predatory instincts in front of goal shines in Parc de Princes, he showed his goalscoring skills back in Barcelona. Before he moved to Paris, Neymar scored a total of 45 goals in 148 appearances for the Catalan giants.

Despite this lead over Mbappe in terms of goals scored for PSG in Ligue 1, it didn’t matter to the young one as he scored goals in the most important circumstances. We’ve seen the spectacle of the World Cup and it shows that Mbappe was far better during crunch time than Neymar.

Mbappe became the second teenager after Pele to score in the World Cup final as his strike helped Les Bleus bring home the World Cup trophy. Not only did he scored in the final, he was the turning point as well in their round of 16 encounter with Lionel Messi and the rest of Argentina as he scored twice against La Albiceleste.

A Great Achiever

In terms of achievements, it’s clear that Mbappe still has a long way to go in terms of club football compared to Neymar who already won 18 trophies since his glory days with Santos. Yes, Mbappe might have won the World Cup which puts him way above Neymar but, sometimes, national success happens in a spur of a moment whereas club success comes from consistency and perseverance.

Speaking of national success, Neymar has his fair share of contribution to Brazil as he led them to their first Olympic gold back in 2012 in London and has carried the team as well towards the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Had he not experienced that injury back then, he might have brought them all the way to the final and might’ve lifted the trophy in front of their home fans.

These are just the things that separate these two amazing players. Who do you think is better, Neymar or Mbappe? Let us know about your thoughts!