Meunier: Neymar is an annoying opponent

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Paris Saint-Germain right-back Thomas Meunier has explained that Neymar’s skill on the ball plays a key role in unsettling opposition players.

The pair have played together at club level since Neymar joined PSG from Barcelona in 2017, and Meunier has hinted that he is glad to be playing in the same jersey as Neymar rather than against him.

“He is a frustrating player for opponents. He can stop suddenly with the ball, make it too much sometimes,” the Belgian said.

“It’s quite annoying, I can understand it. After, it’s an advantage for us. Two or three players have been booked because of him.

“Then, they have to control themselves and ‘Ney’ can benefit from that. He knows how to be a bit sneaky. It’s good for us and he does it really well.”

Although Meunier doesn’t envy opponents of Neymar, the last time he faced the 26-year-old, he ended up on the winning side, as both players started Belgium’s 2-1 World Cup quarter-final victory over Brazil.