Saints: None of our players are for sale

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Southampton Head of Football Development Les Reed has categorically stated that none of the club's players are up for sale.

Defenders Virgil van Dijk and Cedric Soares are two players being coveted by rival Premier League clubs.

Liverpool were the subject of much derision after they were reported to have tapped-up Van Dijk before being force to issue an apology and end their interest.

Now Reed has come out to insist that Southampton are working hard to increase the quality of their squad and not continue to be known as a selling club.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ, he said: "None of those players are for sale. I can’t make it any plainer than that. That’s the way we mean to go forward. We built this squad over some time. We think we’ve got a strong squad.

“We will fine tune it but other than that we’re looking forward to a very competitive season and our season starts this week. So we plan to go forward on that basis.

“There may be players that go if it’s the right thing for them and the club at the given time. We don’t expect that to be wholesale. It’s simply doing sound business in the transfer window.”