Pep Guardiola speaks about family during Manchester Arena attack

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola recalled last year’s unfortunate terrorist attack at Manchester Arena with his family being caught in the action.

The former FC Barcelona boss claimed he was phoned by his wife, Cristina, who was with their daughters Valentina and Maria during an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017.

As fans were leaving the concert, a shrapnel-laden bomb that was planted went off that ultimately killed 22 people and injured hundreds.

Speaking to reporters, Guardiola revealed: “I was at home with my son and my wife and daughters were there. At the end we were lucky. Unfortunately [there were many] people who suffered.

“She called me but immediately the line broke. She told me: ‘Something happened and we are running but I don’t know what happened,’ and the line broke. We tried to call her again and it didn’t work. We went to the arena. After five or six minutes she called me again and said:‘We are out, we are out.’”

Continuing on the incident, Guardiola praised how the city’s response helped show that there are great people out to help and how this kind of thinking can help humanity moving forward.

“When this kind of thing happens it shows the best of us,” the Spaniard said. “Sometimes these kind of things happen. The times we are living right now, all around the world many things have happened. People are dying.

“Of course it is not about everyone coming here but they have to try to do it. People are dying, it needs open arms to go in there and try to help them.”

Guardiola would then speak about his love for Manchester and his team, claiming that he feels one with the people and finds no interest to manage other English clubs moving forward.

He said: “I will be Mancunian for the rest of my life,” he said. “I will be a Manchester City fan and it will be impossible to train another team in England like Manchester City because I feel beloved from the people here.

“I like to do it better, to seduce them, to make a better club so they can believe we are strong enough to do better things, but all human beings want to be supported in the bad moments. That is why it is perfect.”