Pep Guardiola feels Manchester City still behind Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid

‘Not my enemy’, his ‘sole focus is to win’ – EPL bosses on Mourinho

As far as Pep Guardiola is concerned, Manchester City are still yards behind powerhouse clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

City have improved leaps and bounds since being acquired by Sheikh Mansour in 2008, and three Premier League titles show just how good they are.

And with the addition of Guardiola at the helm, City are now also being considered the best in the world as they make their march in the UEFA Champions League.

And though Guardiola concedes that they are still a few paces behind, they are certainly on the right track.

He said: “The last decade, one of the teams to have grown the most is Manchester City. Not just in our period [together], but over the last decade.

“To compare with Barca, we are far away in terms of history and legacy. We are far because we are one decade. But what we do is getting better and better.

“My humble opinion is we are making small, small steps and every time getting better. We made back-to-back [EFL Cup] titles, we won 100 points, we are fighting for all the titles.

“In the next years still being there, those are the best steps. [When you] compare with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, they have an incredible history of results. We are not there.

“The best way [to describe it] is that we feel far, far away from these clubs. That’s the best way. At Barcelona and Munich I didn’t go to work thinking about a legacy, it just happens.

“If we’ll be remembered we’ll see. We’ll have to win more and more through the years. They are a step forward in many terms.”