14-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo superfan detained by authorities in Singapore after ‘pitch invasion’

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The kid who gatecrashed Juventus vs Tottenham ICC game played in Singapore just to meet Cristiano Ronaldo was detained by authorities and threatened with stringent action.

The Sun reports that 14-year-old Kazakhstani Akhmadi Yerzhanov, the kid who ‘invaded’ the pitch to meet Cristiano Ronaldo was later on detained by Singaporean authorities and threatened with a heavy fine for his actions.

Security was prepared to tackle the boy when he ran across the pitch to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, who was seated in the dugout by then, but were waved off by Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri who later claimed that a child cannot be deemed to be a ‘pitch invader.’

However, the law men in Singapore reportedly took a dim view of the incident and detained the boy and his father. The report states that the case had even been transferred to the prosecution, before the Kazakhstan consulate got involved and diffused the situation.

The boy was eventually let off with a stern warning for his actions.

WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo entertains young Singapore fan who ‘invades’ the Juventus dugout

The country’s foreign spokesperson then issued a statement to the media regarding the situation.

“A Kazakhstan teenager and his father were taken to the local police station.Given the very strict laws in Singapore, the boy was threatened with a substantial fine and other administrative measures by the authorities.

“The Consul immediately went to the police station and provided our citizens with consular services, including a translator, as the detainee and his father did not speak English sufficiently.

“The boy was lucky to escape a serious punishment – it is important for everyone not to violate rules of foreign states,” he concluded.

(Quotes R/T Sun)

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