Cristiano Ronaldo marks his transfer worth higher than Neymar in current market

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been talking, and his words certainly hold a lot of weight in today’s football. In the game of money, CR7 has now estimated his transfer worth.

“Today there is a lot of emphasis placed on potential and the football industry is different,” he said to TVI.


“I’m going to put aside [Joao] Felix’s [€120m transfer to Atletico Madrid] case. Nowadays, any player is worth €100m having proved nothing, there is more money in football.


“A goalkeeper, a centre-back is worth €70m, €80m — I don’t agree. But this is the world which we live in, the market is like that and you have to respect it. Is there a football player that has more records than me? I don’t think there is a player that has more records than me.”

“If I were 25, if a goalkeeper is worth €75m, a player that does and has done what I have done in recent years has to have a value of three or four times that, easily, but I no longer have that desire.”

So Ronaldo estimates his value at around €300m by that logic, which would take him above Neymar, who moved to PSG from Barcelona for €222m.

“My motivation is my obsession for success, I admit it,” he continued. “But it is a good obsession.


“I know I’m already in the history of football. I know that I’m one of the best in my field but that is not by chance. I could end my career next year but I could also play until I’m 40 or 41.


“It’s about the challenge. I still feel motivated to win individual and collective trophies, and if I wasn’t, I would end it [career]. I have everything I want, I have an excellent family, I have spectacular businesses. From a financial standpoint, I’m very well. I don’t need football to live well. I will live well all of my life.


“What I always say to myself is to enjoy the moment. My present is excellent and I have to continue to enjoy myself. I look at it as projects and the enthusiasm.”

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