Juventus president deduced Cristiano Ronaldo’s innocence by ‘looking him in the eye’

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Well, this one would come out as a bit of a shocker. Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has surprisingly stated that he came to the conclusion that Cristiano Ronaldo is innocent and the rape allegations that have been put on him are wrong by ‘looking into his eyes’.

As Agnelli went on to add, this was not the first time that he deduced a man’s innocence by ‘looking him in the eye’. A similar incident had happened in 2012 with then-Juventus Manager Antonio Conte, who was banned for five months for failing to report alleged match-fixing.

He came to a similar conclusion in case of Juventus security manager Alessandro D’Angelo as well. D’Angelo allegedly allowed Juventus ultras to bring in banners mocking the Superga air tragedy at a Turin derby in 2014.

“I have this bad habit when problems occur where I tend to look people in the eye and ask them direct questions and then judge for myself. It happened with Conte in 2012. It happened with D’Angelo. It happened with Cristiano,” Agnelli said when quizzed about the rape allegations on their blockbuster summer signing.

“I am very calm having spoken to him directly as soon as the case emerged on what is the position of the boy. And his attitude and behaviour in the following days and weeks can only confirm this initial feeling,” he added.

Agnelli further went on to suggest that the club are convinced that Ronaldo has behaved properly.

“It is a personal case and the choices are his, but having spoken to him with Pavel Nedvěd (club board member) and Fabio Paratici (club’s sporting director) and I told Cristiano that my door and the door of Juventus will always be open whenever he would need something.

“We are here to support him and the same goes for every woman and man at Juventus, when they need it and when we are convinced that they behaved correctly.”

The Portuguese superstar has been accused of sexual assault by an American citizen Kathryn Mayorga, who says the said incident took place at a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009. Las Vegas Police have reopened an investigation in the case.

Ronaldo has denied the claims and termed them ‘fake news’.