UEFA Champions League: Juventus VS Manchester United 5 talking points

Moment of the Matchday – Matchday 01

Juventus almost beat Manchester United at Turin in the UEFA Champions League but faltered in the end as they dropped a 2-1 loss against the English outfit.

It appeared like the Serie A squad was the more dominant of the two and yet breaks of the game showed that any team can get the victory. FOX Sports Asia takes a look at a few talking points from this match.

5. United look out of ideas

Under Jose Mourinho, Manchester United has looked lackluster in most of the big matches. The matches against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City that they have won, have done so in not so convincing fashion. But in most matches, United look they are without a plan. And against Juventus, that was exactly the case.

Juventus did not have to break a sweat against United to stop them. Pogba and Co. have looked lost for ideas against the Italian Champions and they did not even threat the Bianconeris that much. Unsurprisingly, a United attack without any proper striker failed to get the better of Bonucci, Chiellini and Co. Mourinho looked set for a defensive display which shows how low they are in confidence. Just because they won, doesn’t mean they had a proper plan. Even the most hardcore of their fans would agree.

4. Alexis Sanchez is a lost soul

When United signed Sanchez in exchange for Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Arsenal, United fans were licking their lips in anticipation for the Chilean whom they thought would add the stardom and the much needed firepower to the Red Devils’ attack. But that hasn’t been the case at all.

Alexis Sanchez has been nothing short of a huge disappointment for Jose ever since he joined United. This year, even a defender like Nacho Monreal has scored more than him. It is in matches like these that he was signed to make an impact. But sadly, he hasn’t done so. Against Juventus, Sanchez was the man played through the center by Jose. In an attack lacking Romelu Lukaku, he still failed to make a mark.

3. Juventus lack a quality midfielder

After the start they have made to Serie A and in the Champions League, many thought of Juventus as the outright favourite as the winners of the Champions League. But losses in the matches like these make one really wonder about the depth of their squad.

Sure, a team might boast the likes of Ronaldo, Dybala in their ranks; but every top team needs a goalscorer in their midfield. Or someone who is outright world class. Juventus doesn’t have that. Matuidi, Pjanic are great, but none can score goals or supply enough as it has been seen.

2. Mourinho proving he still has ‘IT’

When one looks at the United side, it looks for relatively poor reading. An inactive summer in the transfer market has cost them dearly. There are not many world class stars in the ranks. But they have a certain Jose Mourinho in their ranks as the manager and he can deliver despite the lack of resources. And the match against Juventus is the proof.

Despite the massive gulf and class difference between the two teams, Jose stopped Juventus from having a walk in the park. They were made to toil hard. The goal came through Ronaldo, but that’s about it. Jose brilliantly nullified the Bianconeri attack. And once again, he got the better of a better team than what he has. One can call it a fluke, or sheer luck. But in the end, Jose has had the final laugh.

1. Ronaldo and goals are a match made in heaven

It was extremely emotional for Ronaldo when he returned to Old Trafford last match day with Juventus. Even though he failed to impress, it was his cross that ultimately resulted in the Dybala’s match winning goal. But ever since he has joined Juventus, goals have followed him like always in his career.

Against United tonight, Ronaldo looked determined to score and make up for the underwhelming performance at Old Trafford. And he came agonisingly close when one of his efforts crashed off of the woodwork. But Ronaldo wasn’t to be denied. He got the goal that gave Juve the lead. Even though his team lost, Ronaldo has proved that goals are almost always a guarantee with him in the side regardless of what team he’s playing for.