Pickford not afraid to take penalties

Giám đốc điều hành World Cup tại Quatar 2022 chia sẻ: ‘Phương án thêm đội có thể khả thi’

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford says he wouldn’t shy away from taking a penalty at the World Cup despite having never taken part in a shootout before.

The Everton gloveman revealed that Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate has already had the players practise their penalties as they prepare for the World Cup.

“If I need to step up, I’ll take one. I’ve got no issue with that,” the 24-year-old stated according to ESPN.

“Taking the [winning] penalty or saving one, I’ll be happy either way. I’ve never taken one in a shootout, but I’m always practicing in training.”

Pickford was picked for the 23-man England squad alongside fellow goalkeepers Jack Butland and Nick Pope. They will get their World Cup campaign underway on June 18 against Tunisia.

“Behind the scenes, we’re doing a lot of work to get preparation for how we’d want to go about it,” Pickford continued.

“There are a lot of good penalty takers here and we’ve been practicing the last couple of days … it’s been hard to save them.

“It’s pot luck sometimes, isn’t it? It’s about how the taker’s looking at it, body language, where his shoulders or arms are…and sometimes you’ve just got to pick a side, wait and attack it.

“If you get there you get there and if you don’t, get the next one. If you save a couple you can be a hero, but there’s no pressure on you. I’ve saved a few penalties, I’m good at them.”