Gut-feeling reasons why Brazil will most likely win the 2018 World Cup

Brazil 2018 World Cup Russia

It’s the World Cup, and a lot of people are analysing deeply why Brazil will win the trophy.

What if we use gut-feeling? Well, it might not be a well-founded and solid means of analysing an outcome of the world’s biggest sporting event, but it definitely be can be a fun approach.

So here are the gut-feeling reasons why Brazil will win this World Cup in Russia:

Brazil – the most successful team in the tournament’s history

The five-time champions won it in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. They have a good track record of qualifying in the tournament having done in all editions since 1930.

And to add to that glittering record, Brazil qualified this 2018 World Cup in Russia at the top of their confederation CONMEBOL’s qualifying process.

Brazil isn’t playing at home

Brazil have won the World Cup five times. All of them away from home.

The two times they hosted the World Cup, in 1950 and in 2014, both campaigns ended in bitter disappointments.

The effects were so painful that both losses were given names: The Maracanazo and the Mineirazo (alluding to the stadiums where the defeats happened)

The Brazil 2018 team isn’t an all-out “Super Team”

The recent World Cup editions in which Brazil lifted the trophy (1994 and 2002), those particular teams were not considered favourites heading into the tournament.

The super teams though (1982 and 2006) both performed below expectations.

But this 2018 team is a mixed bag. In the early phase of the qualifying campaign (around 2015/2016), the players making up the team were then unheralded because they were still up and coming talents around that time, with only Neymar Jr. considered as the superstar.

However, as the qualification campaign turned out to be a hugely successful one, with several of the players eventually making a name for themselves towards star status with their respective clubs, The Selecao eventually became favourites as the tournament nears its commencement.

Does that last bit contradict this point? Maybe but it doesn’t matter. Gut-feeling is still strong that Brazil might go all the way.

Onto the next point.

Brazil’s 2018 squad is preceded by a team with a disappointing campaign

As previously stated, Brazil’s 2014 World Cup campaign at home ended in a failure of massive proportions by bowing out of the competition off a 7-1 mauling by eventual champions, Germany.

That bodes well for this team which is about to compete in Russia, because every time Brazil won the trophy it usually was preceded by a team that failed miserably.

Before Romario, Dunga and Co. won the prize in USA ’94, Brazil in Italia ’90 were eliminated by Argentina in the knockout stages.

Before Ronaldo led the Selecao to glory in Korea/Japan ’02, he was blighted by a mysterious illness on the eve of the final in France ’98 that led to their 3-0 demise against the host nation.

Now, there’s a pattern here, 2014 Brazil flopped, therefore the 2018 team will…

Go figure.

Gut-feeling conclusion

It’s most likely that 2018 is Brazil’s time to earn their sixth star in their badge.

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