2018 FIFA World Cup: Brazil tactics

With the FIFA World Cup kick-off just around the corner, the national squads are now finalising their tactics and line-ups for the biggest event in international football.

Many have their eyes on what Brazil can do in the competition, given their illustrious history and the amount of talent they have on the pitch at any given time.

Coach Tite has the good problem of fielding in top players who have experience around the world and the amount of stars he has in the roster has resulted in many considering them a big favourite to win their sixth World Cup in history.

With so much talent, one must wonder how Brazil will feature against other football nations and below are three formations that are likely to be seen.


As stated earlier, Brazil have a lot of good players across all positions so choosing one over the other is a big headache for the coach.

The best way to address this is with a 4-3-3 formation that should be able to appease all the stars in the Brazilian team.

Starting from the back, Roma’s Alisson should feature between the sticks as he has been one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. Despite being only 25 years old, he has shown great football IQ and his movement and reflexes are second to none.

One the back line, Thiago Silva and Miranda are the top choices in the centre-back roles, while Marcelo and Danilo are on each side. Having mobile left and right backs will help Brazil in moving forward when they want to start a counter-attack.

In the midfield, the star is definitely Philippe Coutinho as his creativity and attacking prowess should baffle opponents. Alongside him are Paulinho and Casemiro who will be more than enough to support the little Brazilian. They will best help the former Liverpool player in their physicality as they are likely to jostle against opposing defences.

Up front, the trio of Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and Willian should be a nightmare for their rivals. Neymar is heading into the competition with so much momentum that many are tipping him to win the Golden Boot at the end of the event.


For a more conventional approach, Tite can also utilise the 4-4-2 formation and bring in Roberto Firmino to the line-up.

While Brazil have a lot of strikers to choose from, Tite is likely to give Firmino a chance given his excellent season with Liverpool.

Pairing him with Gabriel Jesus should make for a threatening attacking duo as they boast creativity and the ability to finish.

As a result, the midfield is now crowded with Casemiro and Fernandinho now occupying the central midfield, while the creative Neymar and Coutinho can do damage from the flanks. This adds another facet to their attack as the two wingers can easily drop down to join the two strikers in relentless attack, while the two central midfielders are able to anchor the defence.

Thiago Silva can now partner with Marquinhos in the defence, while Marcelo and Fagner will defend from either side of the pitch.


Last but certainly not the least, Brazil can switch things up in the World Cup to bring their solid attacking talents on full display.

A 3-4-3 set-up is certainly offensive-minded, as this leaves Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Felipe are left as the last line of defence with either Alisson or the young Ederson Moraes manning the goal.

In the midfield, Casemiro will have an important job of being the defensive midfielder, while Douglas Costa and Renato Augusto are on either side of the midfield.

Coutinho will still be given the role of creating chances in the midfield and will just sit behind the three strikers for Brazil. When needed, he can easily drop down on the final third to add a fourth attacker in the process.

When in form, Jesus, Willian and Neymar will spearhead the attack and with all three capable of finishing, Brazil have a real chance for padding the scoreline with goals.