2018 FIFA World Cup: Argentina tactics

Argentina are heading into the FIFA World Cup in Russia with hopes of a repeat of four years ago where they reached all the way to the final.

However, they are hoping to change the outcome and finally win the biggest trophy in international football for the first time in years.

The Albiceleste boast a quality line-up especially on the offensive end and are likely to make the most of that to score goals to beat their opponents.

Having Lionel Messi, one of the best players to ever grace football, in the line-up also helps the team and tactics should always involve the Barcelona superstar.

Coach Jorge Sampaoli should have different tactical formations to help bring Argentina to glory and below are three suggestions.


The first formation is likely to bring the creativity out of their potent attacking force as a 4-1-3-2 brings most of their players in the final third of the pitch.

Wilfredo Caballero will be the man in between the sticks for Argentina for all of the formations as he has the most experience and has been ever-reliable for the national team.

For the defence, Nicolas Otamendi and Federico Fazio have the daunting task of controlling the defences especially if the offence fails and the opponents mount a counter-attack. These two defenders have the movement and strength in the air to keep attackers at bay. Marcos Rojo and Gabriel Mercado are also very capable defenders and are likely to take the opposite ends of the defence.

Veteran presence Javier Mascherano should be a great choice as defensive midfielder as his high football IQ should come in handy when making an important tackle.

Messi will be right behind the strikers as he plays an important attacking midfield role, while Angel Di Maria and Paulo Dybala are on the flanks to feed the strikers the ball.

Finally, the last third can consist of Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain. The two have a lot of experience against top defences and their presence should help in producing goals.


Another attacking formation, but this time a little more conventional is the 4-3-3 that can be used by Argentina.

As stated from the earlier formation, the Argentines should maintain the goalkeeper and four players to complete the backline as they are the most proficient in their positions.

However, this time, they should employ a three-man midfield where Mascherano is in the middle of the pitch to provide stability and even more assistance for the defenders. This time, Ever Banega and Giovani Lo Celso occupy the left and right flanks.

For the trio of attackers, Messi should start in the right side of the pitch and given the freedom to roam around, similar to what he does in Barcelona. Higuain can be given a chance alongside Messi in the attack while Di Maria will occupy the left side of the attack.

This gives a new dimension to their attack and Aguero can be brought in to switch with the other two attackers outside of Messi.


Likely to be an experiment that can catch opponents off guard, Sampaoli have a number of players that can fill the pitch and provide a ton of talent for them to gain the victory.

With a 4-2-3-1 option, the back four remains the same but this time they are anchored by two defensive midfielders. Mascherano and Lucas Biglia will provide the stability in their own half of the pitch while the offensive forces are able to freely roam around and find space for them to attack.

A scary trio of Messi, Dybala and Di Maria all operate past the midfield and just outside the box but they are certainly free to move closer to the attack when needed. These three players have the creativity and passing ability to thwart defences for their lone striker to finish.

And with the team filled with capable strikers, Aguero is likely to be the best bet for this formation. He has the pace and finishing ability on both feet to score wherever the feed comes from.

If all work according to plan, Argentina should be a very exciting squad to watch.