Greg Norman-designed Dakak Golf Club nears completion

‘I was able to clean up the card’ says Woods after shooting a 5-under 67 in the BMW championship third round

DAKAK Golf Club, a four-year project designed by Greg Norman and Cope Design Group, is nearing completion.

The new record-setting golf course inside Dakak Resort has features that will make it unique in the world.

Dakak Golf Chairman Cesar Jalosjos and Dakak Golf President Rick Gibson described the impressive results of the landmark plan.

“We are very pleased with the results of the development,” said Jalosjos. “It will be an unforgettable experience to play there.”

Kilometers of new, concrete road undulate from the main gate through Dakak Golf and the adjoining resort. Breath-taking vistas dominate the 50-hectare, 6,500-yard par 72 wonder.

“Most of what you will see is unheard-of in golf,” said Gibson, a former Asian Tour champion who is guiding the finishing touches on the course’s back nine. “To begin with, there is a record 1.9 miles of ocean in play, beating the record 1.6 miles of Pebble Beach.”

The front nine of the Greg Norman-designed course has already been open for play for three years, and the grass is already being laid down on the back half of the course, tens of thousands of square feet at a time.

Dakak Golf course will be fully operational by November.

“Dakak Golf Academy preparations are in full swing with shaping of the Par 3 course within the driving range expected to be completed by June,” added Gibson. “We are taking Philippine golf to a place it hasn’t been.”

There are three par 3’s, three par 4’s and three par 5’s on each nine, and every hole has its challenges. Seven of the first nine holes face the Sulu Sea, a feature unique to Dakak. Many of the holes require a golfer’s shot to go over water, with one hole needing a near-perfect tee-off over a waterfall to get onto the green.

The entire property is a seamless blend of blue and green, with almost no man-made structures at all in sight. Luckily for Dakak, all the needed materials for completion are right on site, with the grass for the course being specially grown nearby.