Miller crowned as the world’s biggest hitter

LPGA Drive On

Great Britain’s Joe Miller has been crowned the longest driver of a golf ball in the world after winning the World Long Drive Championships on Wednesday night in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

Miller, who spends his days crunching golf balls and lifting weights, is a decorated long drive professional.

Sponsored by Callaway, the six-foot-four and 19 stone Miller provides the club manufacturing company with valuable data that assists in maximising distance and club-head speed in the equipment they produce.

On Wednesday he completed surely his greatest achievement to date.

At the World Long Drive Championship, where the biggest drivers in the world meet the most vocal golf fans in the world, Miller hoisted the one-of-a-kind WWE-style championship belt after beating Ryan Steenberg in the final with a drive of 423 yards.

In the semi-final his best ball went 439 yards while in the quarterfinal his purest smack went 437 yards.

Hitting it that long that consistently isn’t just strength folks… that’s technique, stamina, timing, coordination, mental toughness and a whole lot of other things too.

Good on you Joe.