Colón makes history with first home run

Did this Royals-White Sox game provide the WORST first pitch of all-time?

Bartolo Colón made MLB history when he became the oldest player to ever hit a first home run on Saturday.

The Dominican American is in the Mets team for his powerful pitching, certainly not his batting. In 225 chances during his career, Colón had never cleared the fence.

But the stars aligned that night in San Diego, as the man they call ‘Big Sexy’ hit one so clean it only had one destination. Apart from the home run, his trot around the bases was also something to behold.

Colón – who grew up in poverty with no electricity or running water in the Dominican Republic – is 42-years-old and has been on the MLB scene for nearly 20 years, making this home run all the more beautiful.

The watershed moment cued some great reactions from the Twitterverse as well…