Alex Yoong’s British Grand Prix preview

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Well, the Austrian Grand Prix last week did not disappoint. There were some unexpected performances and a jaw-dropping last-lap clash between Mercedes team-mates, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Let us start with Jenson Button and Pascal Wehrlein’s performances. For Button in the McLaren to finish sixth on what is regarded as a power circuit was as good as it gets. Well, that is until you see that Wehrlein managed an even more impressive result in the Manor. Tenth for the Manor in a race without much attrition is as good as a win. Wehrlein is really showing class and Mercedes will be happy that they have such talent in their books.

Now let’s look at Hamilton’s and Rosberg’s crash on the last lap of the Austrian GP. It’s a totally understandable accident; if you have been watching our coverage, we have been saying how it’s going to go on and on for the two of them. The stakes are too high – and neither of them are going to back down. It’s approaching nightmare levels for Mercedes and it will be interesting to see how they as a team handle this.

One thing for sure is that they need to handle this now, or Silverstone this weekend will be more of the same. Another clash could easily accelerate this into an unrecoverable position for both the drivers.


Silverstone is a high-speed track that is similar to Barcelona, in that the cars will be exposed to high g levels. This means that Pirelli will bring their three hardest compounds to this race. With the hard, the medium and the soft available, we will probably see the same trend of teams choosing lots of the softest (softs) option.

It’s a seriously fast track with the Maggots/Becketts section being the best part of the track. In fact, this complex is probably one of the best parts of driving a modern Formula One car during the season. You need bravery and commitment to be quick through there. You also need a car with good high-speed balance.

Cars that will be quick here will obviously be Silver in colour. Red Bull Racing should also be strong here. It’s a track similar to Barcelona and I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of their cars challenging for the win.

I’m going to go with Daniel Ricciardo this weekend. He will still be smarting from not winning at Barcelona and he knows that this track could really suit him well. With Verstappen showing what a talent he is, Ricciardo needs to show that he is still number one in that team.


As for Ferrari, I really thought they would have won a race by now. I’m seriously starting to question if they are capable of winning this year. Whenever they seem to be within a shout of winning, they seem to shoot themselves in the foot strategy wise. It must be frustrating if you’re a fan of the prancing horse.

For either team though, they will need to deal with Mercedes – who as usual will start the weekend as favorites. However, if both drivers take each other out again, then as we have seen before, anything is possible.

Alex Yoong

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