Checkmate: Alexander-Arnold schooled by world chess champ

Trent Alexander-Arnold may be making a name for himself on the football field, but he obviously has a lot to learn when it comes to playing chess.

The young Liverpool defender is not used to being outclassed, but it was all over in a flash when took on chess world champion Magnus Carlsen on Monday.

The 27-year-old Norwegian took just five minutes, and 17 moves to get the better of the 19-year old full-back, a keen chess player.

“When I find the time I always try to get a game in,” Alexander-Arnold told the BBC after his humbling defeat, before hinting that he would like another go.

“Although it may go down as a 1-0 loss, I will be practising more and maybe there will be a rematch,” he joked.

Still, it wasn’t all bad for the Premier League man as he did much better than Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder lasted just nine moves when he took on Carlsen five years ago.

And the Dane had some encouraging words for his defeated opponent.

“It was a great game, Trent’s good. He has a bit to learn but he definitely has talent,” he said.

Chess imitating football?

Image: Trent Alexander-Arnold twitter