Kuznetsova: The courts are half-finished

Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova said she was disappointed with the condition of the training courts ahead of the Rio Olympics, which begins on August 5 with the Opening Ceremony.

Kuznetsova, who will be representing Russia at the Games, told Russian News Agency TASS that the courts were half-finished, dirty and dusty. 

"I am greatly disappointed! The courts are half-finished. It is such a mess, to put it mildly," Kuznetsova told TASS. "The courts are dirty and dusty. I have a feeling of training at a construction site."

The 31-year-old 2004 US Open and 2009 French Open singles winner added that conditions made acclimatising and training difficult.

"Only 45 minutes a day! Of course, it can be longer if there are few people. 

"But since many courts are not finished, it is hardly possible. And we need to train two or three hours a day," she added.