Olympic pool goes green

The Rio Olympics Games have had their fair share of hiccups, but this is certainly a unique one.

During the diving events on Tuesday, the diving pool at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre slowly but surely started to turn green, a stark contrast to the water polo pool just a few meters away.

"I've never dived in anything like it," said British diver Tonia Couch.

"We noticed it in the warm-up and then by the competition it was even more green but if anything it actually made it a bit easier to spot, so it didn't make a difference, though."

Meanwhile, organisers revealed that there was no cause for concern, as the water met the safety standards of the competition.

"It's very important to the Rio 2016 community to ensure a high quality of play," read the statement. 

"Tests were conducted and the water was found to be safe. We're investigating what the cause was."