Bolt explains that famous picture

Sometimes, the simplest explanations are the correct ones. Take Usain Bolt, for example, who finally opened up about one of the most famous pictures taken at the Rio Olympics.

We’ve probably all seen the image in question. Bolt is running the 100m semi-finals, and while his opponents are giving their all and trying their level best to beat him, the world champion is looking on with a huge smile on his face.

Appearing on the Today Show in the United States recently, Bolt explained what was going through his mind.

“It was funny, and it went viral. People kept on saying, ‘Why were you smiling? I was like, ‘I was just happy! I keep on smiling!’” he said.

Usain Bolt

There you have it. It turns out Bolt was smiling because he was enjoying himself. Fancy that.

As Cameron Spencer, the photographer who captured the moment in question, said: “I sort of knew it was a special moment. He’s full stride, he’s smiling, he has that amazing perfect technique and he’s looking across seven of the top fastest runners in the world and he’s enjoying himself.

“For someone to look around and have a good time, it’s mind-blowing.”

Mind-blowing indeed.